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Name Mary Martha Wakefield
Affiliation Alumni
Artist's Statement: Slip Series This body of work is an exploration of loss—of love that once was vibrant has slipped away. To denote this spirited soul I am utilizing a slip—an article of clothing that conveys intimacy with the wearer. A slip can be utilitarian or sensual, revealing the beauty of the female form without portraying nakedness. It has an intimate relationship with the wearer acting as a second skin but also acts as a protective or proper barrier to the other influences. I am using color, shape, line and layering to convey a sense of someone wearing, moving, and living in such a sheer skin of fabric—yet one who remains hidden from our view. The garment holds the memory of a loved one; we sense a presence though in truth she has slipped away from the knot of life and family. All that remains is the clothes.