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Name Ariel  GOUT
Affiliation Alumni
Artist's Statement: These drawings are part of a larger series entitled Lines within Lines, in which I explore the repetition of a simple mark on paper, and its potentials. Initially following a horizontal direction, I trace with indian ink on a nib a succession of short parallel marks grouped by 7. I repeat the tracing process and let strata be built up with various heights, as many times as needed. Under these given constraints I allow a form to organically grow on the paper, until it has found and affirmed its own individuality. The form is then in turn crossed by 2 meandering Lines traveling within the interstices and across all the drawings of the series (#1 to #5). The Lines within Lines series is part of my research within the medium of contemporary abstract drawing to visually translate natural and constitutive phenomena; it reflects my interest with the intermingling of straight structures and organic shapes existing in the natural world.